Ardha means half and chakra means wheel. Ardhachakrasana (the half wheel posture) is a standing asana, this asana is also known as half-moon pose. In this posture the body takes the shape of half-wheel therefore it is called Ardhachakrasana.

Technique of Ardhachakrasana

  • Stand straight on the ground or mat with both the feet together.
  • Keep both the hands on the hips.
  • Now inhale and support the lower back area with both the palms.
  • Bend both the elbows.
  • Now start bending backward while exhaling.
  • After bending, try to maintain the posture with normal breathing and try not to lose the body balance.
  • Hold it there in the mentioned position for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Now inhale and slowly return to the normal position.
  • Now repeat this procedure for about 3 to 5 times.

Benefits of Ardhachakrasana

  • It helps to make the spine more flexible.
  • Ardhachakrasana strengthens the spinal nerves.
  • It helps to strengthen the spinal muscles.
  • It reduces the belly fat.
  • It also helps to tone up the muscles of the abdomen.
  • It helps to maintain and balance body weight.
  • Everyday practice of this asana helps to improve flexibility.
  • It is a very good exercise for those who play sports.
  • It helps to stimulate the pancreas.
  • Regular practice of this asana helps to control and balance the sugar level in the body by stirring the pancreas to secrete a good amount of insulin in blood.
  • It helps to control high-blood sugar.
  • It improves the breathing capacity of the lungs.
  • It improves the quality of the respiratory system and helps it to function properly.
  • Ardhachakrasana helps in curing cervical-spondylosis.
  • It tones up the arms, thighs, waist, lower back, shoulder and calf muscles.
  • Neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain can easily be cured with regular practice of this asana.
  • Stomach related problems can easily be cured if one practices this asana regularly and properly.
  • It improves the immunity of the intestines.
  • Digestive system stays on track with regular practice of this asana.
  • It reduces the chances of injury as it is a very good stretching exercise.
  • It helps to controls metabolism.
  • It reduces sluggishness and helps the body to energize, and it results in the enhancement of efficiency of various systems.
  • It helps to cure menstruation related problems.
  • It is a very good asana for females as it cure problems related to the lower back.
  • It regulates the blood pressure.
  • Regular practice of this asana keeps the heart healthy.
  • It helps to supply proper oxygen to all the body parts and makes sure that the body parts are functioning properly.

Precautions while doing Ardhachakrasana

  • People who have undergone any major surgery/surgeries should avoid doing this asana for at least 9 to 12 months after it and if they want to start this after the mentioned period of time, they should discuss it with their doctor.
  • During pregnancy, women should do this asana as lightly and carefully as possible and only after they have consulted the doctor.
  • People who have problems in their spine, hip area should avoid doing this asana.
  • People who have pain in the back should do this asana carefully and with precautions.
  • People who are suffering with Ulcer, Hernia and Vertigo should avoid doing this asana.
  • People who are suffering with Hypertension should either avoid doing this asana or if they want to do it then they should do it with precautions.

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