Kati Chakra asana is made up of the two words i.e. Kati means waist and Chakra means wheel. Katichakrasana (Lumber Twist Posture) is a waist rotating asana. In this asana, one has to twist the waist from right to left side. While doing this asana, the waist moves like a wheel.


  • Stand firmly on the mat with feet 12 inches apart.
  • Both arms should be out stretched in front of the chest while palms should be facing to each other.
  • The distance between the arms and shoulders should remain constant.
  • Exhale and swing the arms slowly towards the Left side of your body.

  • Twist your body from the waist and maintain the pose as long as you can.
  • While swinging towards left side, left arm should be kept straight and right arm should be bent.
  • Repeat this practice on the right side.
  • Perform this practice 5 to 10 times for at least 2 to 4 minutes.

Benefits of Katichakrasana

  • Regular practice of this asana helps the waist to become supple and slim.
  • This is a very good practice for burning the fat of the lower abdomen region.
  • It is very helpful to improve the flexibility of the spine and very helpful for curing spine injuries and disorders.
  • By practising this yoga asana regularly, the muscles of the neck, back and abdominal wall contract and expand.
  • This yoga asana gives a smooth massage to the entire vertebral column.
  • It relieves constipation. Regular practice of this asana improves digestion and smooths the proper bowel movements.
  • Regular practice of Katichakrasana is very helpful for respiratory diseases and it also strengthens the lungs.
  • It is good to combat problems Like Asthma, cough, breathlessness, tuberculosis etc.
  • The twisting and compressing help the person to breathe in a better way thus, it is good for asthmatic conditions.
  • Performing Katichakrasana regularly strengthens the shoulders, back, neck and thigh muscles.
  • Katichakrasana is very beneficial for sedentary peoples such as those who sit in the same position for many hours.
  • It helps to release frozen shoulder problems and muscular stiffness caused due to Parkinson and Alzheimer disease.
  • It helps to control diabetes. Regular practice of this asana improves the efficiency of pancreas and regulates the production of pancreatic juice.
  • Regular practice of this asana improves Kidneys’ efficiency.
  • Regular practice of this asana releases pranic energy (life saving energy) which acts as a good mood elevator and fights depression and negative thoughts.
  • Performing twisting asana regularly affects the abdomen muscles and stimulates the Manipur Chakra.
  • This asana is very helpful for women related problems like problems in the uterus and Fallopian tubes.
  • This asana is very helpful for people who work in offices and school going children therefore this asana is also known as office yoga or children yoga.


  1. Pregnancy women should avoid doing this asana.
  2. Those who are suffering from chronic diseases, hernia, slip disc, spinal injuries and cervical Spondylitis should avoid doing this asana.
  3. Those who have undergone abdominal surgery recently should avoid doing this asana.
  4. People who have suffered from hypertension should be cautions while practicing Katichakrasana because there are chances that this practice might cause dizziness and can result in the person fainting.
  5. In case of any surgery, practice this yoga only with the advice of doctor.
  6. If a person has undergone any surgery/surgeries then, he/she should practice this asana only in the presence of a yoga instructor and that too after 10 to 12 months.

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