Sukshma Vyayama means micro exercises. It means to warm the body before doing anything vigorous.

  1. Activating all the body parts is very important to make the body posture correct otherwise there are chances of jerks and muscle pulls which can cause further harms. Sukshma Vyayama helps in that.
  2. All body parts should be activated by doing 10 to 15 minutes of subtle exercise every day before starting yoga.
  3. These exercises can also be done in any comfortable position or by sitting on a chair.
  4. Subtle exercises can be done at any time and can be done by sitting in any place; it does not require any special preparation.
  5. Subtle exercises are easy exercises that help the body relax quickly.

6. People of any age can do micro-exercises easily, whether they are children, old or adults.

7. Subtle exercise works on all the internal organs of the body and helps in repairing all body systems.

8. Jogging in the park or just jogging on spot helps the body to warm up well.

9. Subtle exercise works on all the small joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body.

10. Micro-exercise is a process that helps the body to function properly.

11. Sitting on the chair in office continuously, working on the computer causes irritation in the eyes, problems in the head, fatigue, backache, pain in spine, knees pain, joints pain, etc. problems can be relieved by doing micro-exercises.

12. Neck rotation, wrist rotation and ankle rotation are very important warm up exercises. Jerks/muscle pulls can be avoided by doing these exercises.

13. Stretching of muscles is important as it helps to warm the body up.


14. Subtle, Micro exercise plays an important role in the activation of the body parts and providing new energy after any major disease such as cancer, TB or any other major surgery.

15. By doing subtle exercises, the body becomes flexible.

16. Micro-exercise helps to relieve fatigue by transmitting new energy to all body parts from head to Toe.

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